Mila focuses not only proven cosmetic results but also total well-being and holistic healing. 

Our unique protocols and proprietary Microcurrent machine allow us to fine-tune treatment for individual client needs. Mila Morgan combines her 25 years of medical experience with an additional year of research focusing solely on the effects of Microcurrent for cosmetic and medical treatment to give you the most comprehensive and effective therapy. After assessing various Microcurrent machines and applying a range of techniques to hone in on the right combination of protocols, she found that to achieve the life-changing results of a true non-surgical face lift she needed far more than what was on the market at the time. 

Mila is the country’s leading expert in Microcurrent. No other method is as effective as Mila’s, and no other device shows the accelerated results that the Studio's machine produces. We treat both nerves and muscles for enhanced results that far exceed other Microcurrent experiences. 


Frequently Asked Questions



What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a Nobel Prize-winning, FDA-approved, and clinically-proven therapy for pain management and anti-aging. Our method was developed to precisely mimic the body's electrical properties; it literally re-boots your biological electrical system. 

How does Microcurrent actually work?

Microcurrent Therapy works at the cellular level to stabilize the cells and transform the body from the inside out.  We all stop producing collagen and elastin early in life. Microcurrent: stimulates and increases the production and storage of collagen and elastin, increases the newly-formed collagen's thickness by 10%, increases the number of new elastin fibers by 45%, and increases the length of elastin fibers by 50%.  Collagen and elastin are necessary for firm, tight, and wrinkle-free skin. Microcurrent is unlike any other cell therapy in that it re-educates the facial muscles for a true nonsurgical facelift that will only improve over time.

Who uses Microcurrent therapy?

  • Hollywood actors and other high-profile TV personalities for nonsurgical face lift and body sculpting
  • Olympic Teams for enhancing athletic performance and healing injuries
  • Professional Sports Teams to expedite healing of injuries and enhance athletic performance
  • Department of Defense to expedite wound healing for our soldiers

How are you different from other Microcurrent therapies?

Not only is Microcurrent Therapy noninvasive, non-damaging and painless with no downtime, it is cost effective when compared to surgical face lifts, botox, fillers, laser, peels, light and cold therapy.

What if I have fillers already?

Many of our clients have had botox and/or fillers. Microcurrent is an effective treatment that can be used alongside other anti-aging regimens. Microcurrent can also be used in conjunction with surgical facelifts, and can even improve surgical results, which helps to stave off further aging and minimizes the need for additional surgical procedures.

What if I have had bad filler or problems with botox? 

Micrcourrent is a spectacular corrective therapy for those who have had problems with botox or other fillers. Our unique Microcurrent method can lift uneven brows, smooth out rippled and uneven areas, and improve skin volume and thickness by stimulating your body to produce the necessary increased collagen. Stretched, shiny, clay-colored skin can become rejuvenated, youthful, and glowing with our Microcurrent therapy. With Mila Morgan’s Microcurrent technique you won’t have that “work done” look. Clients look like themselves, only 10 years younger! 

What if I have had a surgical facelift?

Microcurrent enhances the results of a surgical facelift if you have gone that route. It can be used pre and post op to expedite healing (science has proven 6x faster healing). It can also be used to help prevent the need for a 2nd or 3rd surgical face lift. A surgical face-lift is really just a bandaid procedure like botox and filler. Patients will need another facelift after 5-10 years. Microcurrent can prevent this by lifting muscle, tightening loose skin, sculpting and lifting cheeks, lifting eyes and brows and keeping skin tone and texture youthful.

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