Prepare for Your Visit


Things You Should Know.

  • Although we work with you from a holistic level (physical physiological, emotional, spiritual, social) we do not diagnose medical issues. 
  • Microcurrent is not to be used in place of your doctor's medical advice or treatment. Microcurrent can help many physical symptoms but there is no guarantee that Microcurrent will make the changes you require medically or cosmetically.
  • Please follow your physicians recommendations for any medical care and take prescription medication as ordered. Do not stop prescription medication without the advice of your physician.
  • We adhere to HIPPA guidelines and your information, photos and treatments are confidential. 
  • We highly recommend you see your physician for any medical issues.


Getting the Most Out of Microcurrent Therapy


Water Intake 

  • In order to obtain the most optimal results we advise you hydrate well. (64 oz/women/day, 80 oz/men/day). Green tea and decaf tea does count towards your daily intake.
  • Your body needs water to help achieve cellular change. Results are more pronounced when you are well hydrated. Doing your part will assist us in giving you the best possible result.
  • If you are on a restricted fluid intake please follow your physicians recommendations and notify us.


  • If a smoker, please consider quitting. Microcurrent can help alleviate anxiety and cravings for clients who are quitting.
  • Nicotine breaks down collagen and elastin and contributes greatly to the aging process.


  • Use sunblock daily on face, neck, décolleté, back of neck, ears, arms. 35 SPF is sufficient. UV rays will break down collagen and elastin.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Hydrate well before your session
  • Please do not wear necklaces to your session. We are not responsible for lost jewelry
  • Contact us with any other questions or concerns before your session