Mila Morgan uses Microcurrent on the body to diminish cellulite, break down fat in common problem areas, tone and lift muscles, smooth dimpled skin & more

The Body

  • Improved muscle tone and appearance
  • Slim, firm and tone arms, legs, buttocks, breasts, waist and back
  • Rid body of adipose (fat) tissue in problem areas such as abdomen, butt, arms, thighs, back
  • Diminish cellulite; Reduce dimpling from laser resurfacing/liposuction; smoothes lumpy areas after liposuction
  • Tone, lift and re-educate muscles for a more sculpted appearance
  • Increase metabolism and weight loss
  • Can lift breasts by strengthening pectoral muscles and neuromuscular re-education
  • Clients have had success with decreased symptoms of bladder leakage after having abdominal sessions. (The increase in protein synthesis with Microcurrent therapy tones and strengthens muscles)


Body Sculpting

Target areas include legs, arms, buttocks, abdomen, breast, and back fat. Using our unique fat reduction and lifting technique we can decrease adipose (fat) tissue, lift, tone and elongate muscles, decrease cellulite and tighten sagging skin. Most clients get 1- 1/2 inches to 1-2 inches off the abdomen in the first session!