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Repairing and rejuvenating from the inside out, with the country's most advanced Microcurrent Therapy. 



Mila Morgan is the country’s leading expert in Microcurrent. No other method is as effective as Mila’s, and no other device shows the accelerated results that the Studio's machine produces. We treat both nerves and muscles for enhanced results that far exceed other Microcurrent experiences.

Mila combines her 25 years of medical experience with research focusing solely on the effects of Microcurrent for cosmetic and medical treatment to give you the most comprehensive and effective therapy.

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Mila Morgan performing Medical Microcurrent in Los Angeles

Microcurrent Therapy Benefits

  • Noninvasive, pain-free, and nonsurgical
  • Sense of wellbeing, restoration and improved energy
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve mood 
  • Relieve acute and chronic pain
  • Diminish migraines
  • Body sculpting: abdomen, legs, arms, back fat, buttocks, breasts. Decreases adipose (fat) tissue, tightens loose skin, lifts and strengthens muscle 
  • Significantly decrease inflammation throughout the body, improve autoimmune disorders and help restore quality of life, and assists in overall healing 
  • Diminish acne, acne scarring, rosacea and other challenging skin issues
  • Expedite healing of injuries, improve range of motion, enhance athletic performance through increase in protein synthesis
  • Increase in ATP (energy currency of cells) by 500% to improve all cellular physiology and allow the body to return to homoeostasis and function optimally 

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"There is no magic wand for beauty and aging – but there are two. At least, that’s what we’re convinced of after a few months of visiting Mila Morgan’s studio"

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