Age 30 – Medical


"A victory for health! Microcurrent has changed my life. I originally started for cosmetic reasons but quickly discovered the amazing and profound effects the electrical reboot has had on my general well being.


A victory for health! Microcurrent has changed my life.

I have struggled with back, neck and sciatic pain for years and since microcurrent have experienced true lasting relief. I believe microcurrent alleviates inflammation to allow the body to truly heal (it's not just a quick fix!) and who knows what other benefits this miracle is providing. I feel that this is the future and any criticism from the health industry is in fear that the age of capitalizing on illness is over!!"



Age 56, TV ACTOR – Nonsurgical Face Lift


“I was referred to Mila by the owner of a salon in Beverly Hills. She told me that Mila was doing a procedure called Microcurrent and that Mila could help improve the bad effects of my surgical face lift and too much filler. I was skeptical because I’d never heard of this treatment. But talking to Mila made me feel extremely comfortable to go forward. And I’m glad I did. 

I saw Mila for one session just before a photo shoot and I could not believe the difference in just one session. Mila told me that she did several actors and models just before a photo shoot or filming and that the results even that early translated onto film. Everyone at the photo shoot asked me what I had done! I looked amazing and when I saw the final photos I was in shock! I definitely knew I’d be doing the whole series with Mila after that. 

My skin now looks youthful. It lost the gray color and my skin is now pretty and glows.

I was unhappy with an uneven cheek lift after my surgical face lift and my skin looked dull and gray. I had had filler and yet I still had wrinkles on my nose and large pores over my lip. Surgery, filler, and botox can’t fix everything and even with those things I still was unhappy. But after I finished the building sessions with Mila I could not believe the change in my appearance. I looked young again. I dress well, have great hair and I needed my face to fit my overall look, especially as I was on TV. And Mila accomplished this for me. My skin now looks youthful. It lost the gray color and my skin is now pretty and glows. The large pores over my lip diminished to almost nothing and the wrinkles on my nose are now gone. She lifted the cheek that was lower and my entire face looks so sculpted now. I can even go without make up! I love this. I’ve heard other people start to say they do Microcurrent but no one does it like Mila. I had a friend who said she tried it in Brentwood and my friend explained her experience. My friends experience was nothing compared to what Mila does. Mila is the one to go to and the only one that I’ve seen who can do a true nonsurgical face lift in Los Angeles. If you are skeptical, don’t worry. Mila will put you at ease, she will take the time to tell you exactly how it works, what to expect and she is very professional and kind.”



Age 54,  ACTOR – Nonsurgical Face Lift & Body Sculpting


“I was referred to Mila by my manicurist in Beverly Hills who raved about the new treatments being offered. I was not sure what Microcurrent was so my husband and I did some research. We had never heard of it but found the studies on it and decided I should go for it! And I’m so glad I did. I cannot believe how incredible I look. As a working actor in Hollywood, my face is my platform. I don’t mind aging but I also need to look great, too. I did not have a lot of lines, maybe a few around my eyes, but mostly I needed the jowl area lifted and also needed some improvement neck wise. Mila made it all happen! And it was fun! There was no pain, no downtime, and I always felt so incredible after the treatments. Although I love to talk to Mila, I could sleep through it if I wanted. Mila is a pro. She knows what she is doing, she caters the treatments to each client individually. I have to say I would not allow anyone else to do this treatment on me and Mila’s medical background makes a huge difference in outcomes. I have referred several friends to Mila now and they are all excited. They are getting results, looking younger, feeling fantastic and all without surgery! Who knew? I take good care of myself, eat well, exercise and I did not want to put a bunch of chemicals into my face, nor did I want a stretched, weird looking surgical face lift. 

My cheeks are sculpted, the jowl area gone, and my neck smoothed out. My eyes are lifted and any lines around my eyes are gone. 

I am amazed at the changes Mila has made in my face. My cheeks are sculpted, the jowl area gone, and my neck smoothed out. My eyes are lifted and any lines around my eyes are gone. This is truly amazing and everyone needs to try it. It is such a great alternative to other treatments out there because it works. I have friends who have tried the new things like ultrasound, and the old things like laser, but the results just are not consistent. Microcurrent is proven to work, not only by the scientific studies, but by Mila’s results. I’m also doing some body sculpting and after one session I could see and feel the changes. Mila is so knowledgable and she encourages her clients to stay healthy, drink water, eat well and exercise. The whole idea is holistic and you get a a wonderfully rejuvenating experience with Mila.”



Age 76 – Nonsurgical Face Lift


“I live in Beverly Hills. I started with Mila 2 years ago. It was the best decision I’ve made. During the building phase we saw significant change (I had deep crows, lines, dull skin, wattle under my chin, and the area around my mouth was very lax). Mila explained how Microcurrent works and what to expect, especially over time. It didn’t seem possible that the results would get better but let me tell you, they did. I am so glad I stayed with it. Despite getting a great result initially, each month I swear things improve. She explained how this is possible and it is possible. Around maintenance month 6 when I came into her studio she asked if I had filler around my mouth. I laughed because there is no way I’d do filler and I knew my face had changed even more. The area around my mouth, although improved, had completely lifted and tightened. Now, each month, I go through more changes and today, 2 years out I look at least 15 years younger than when I started. People notice. My friends want to know what I’m doing to look so good. It’s hard to be 76 in a city where youth and beauty prevail. But I’m feeling great and I’m dating. I also work in an industry where youth is revered but it doesn’t affect me much since I’ve come to Mila. 

Mila is the best. Period. She knows what she is doing.

You have to do this. It is such a better way to go than surgery in my opinion and you won’t have the potential of a weird-looking face like with filler or botox. You will look like you, just a younger version. Not to mention you will feel great overall. I don’t think I’ve gotten sick in the 2 years since coming to Mila. Lastly, Mila is the best. Period. She knows what she is doing. She is committed to her clients well-being over all and her medical background makes her the expert in Microcurrent. I love this! I love her!”



Age 50 – Body Sculpting & Nonsurgical Face Lift


“I was referred to Mila by a friend who had the nonsurgical face lift procedure done by her. I had not seen my friend for a month or so and when I did I was in shock. I had to ask her if she had a face lift and didn’t tell me. She said she did, but it was a nonsurgical face lift and it was healthy! I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what she was talking about. My friend explained it as best she could and just seeing the result hooked me. I called Mila and made an appointment. Mila asked if I wanted a consult first and I said no! I just was going to go for it! And I’m so glad I did. I didn’t have a lot of face issues but I do like that I feel more sculpted and lifted, plus my skin looks glowy now. Mila’s skin and face look amazing for 54. And I wanted that! I’ve also done a lot of the body sculpting. I had quite a bit of back fat that was bothering me, esp when I wore something more tight fitting. I hated that bulge. 

My metabolism has increased and I can tell the toxins are decreasing.

Mila explained how it worked and the results are beyond amazing. I have lost about 5 inches of back fat and what was even more amazing was after Mila did one side I turned and looked in the mirror and noticed a breast lift! I asked Mila if that was real! She said yes and explained how and why it worked. So not only did I lose fat and inches, I also got a breast lift as a side effect. I’m doing most of my body now and I also feel better physically. Mila explained how the current works on all the body’s cells and what it does to stabilize cell membranes and get more nutrients into the cells. 

My metabolism has increased and I can tell the toxins are decreasing. I was having hot flashes having stopped taking the medication (per my dr order) for menopause. But after doing body sculpting on my abdomen I could swear I feel my hormones have stabilized. I stopped having hot flashes. 

I’m a lifer now with Mila. She has done so much to make me feel better overall and now I also look fantastic!”



Age 63 – Nonsurgical Face Lift


“I was referred to Mila by a friend who is also a client of Mila’s. My friend is 74 and now looks incredibly young after doing Microcurrent therapy with Mila.

My friends have noticed and someone told me they thought I looked 10 years younger.

I had a large neck/jowl area and although the lines on my face did not bother me as much as the full neck and jowl, Mila explained that the lines would soften, maybe even go away completely, and that the jowl would decrease and I’d actually have a neck again. Well, Mila was right. I am amazed at how Microcurrent can do this! My friends have noticed and someone told me they thought I looked 10 years younger. I’m so glad I took the leap to try this. I think Mila is a miracle worker and everyone needs to know about Microcurrent, and Mila!”



Age 50 – Melasma


“I started coming to Mila to see if she could help the Melasma on my face. Not only has she helped break up the patches of brown areas, but my entire face looks incredible. My skin tone is smooth and vibrant, my jaw has sculpted and everyone has noticed including my husband.

This is a dream come true for those of us who suffer with Melasma.

I have a very big holiday coming up in Europe and I am now excited to go as I look really incredible. At this point the melasma is about 30% improved and I am feeling very optimistic that the entire problem area can be cured. Mila and Microcurrent are great additions to the cosmetic world! I have referred my own clients to her and they all have gotten fabulous results. This is a dream come true for those of us who suffer with Melasma.”



Age 55 – Face Lift w/ Daughter, Age 19 – Vitiligo


“I was referred by a friend who is a Beverly Hills stylist and owner of a large salon. I am coming for face lift and body sculpting and I brought my daughter in as she has patches of vitiligo that has been treated with everything possible without change. I read on Mila’s brochure that Microcurrent can treat and heal vitiligo and we were excited to see if this would work.

After 2 sessions my daughter started re-pigmenting in the patches of vitiligo.

After 2 sessions my daughter started re-pigmenting in the patches of vitiligo. We were thrilled. Sadly, she is going off to college on the east coast so she can’t continue, but Mila offered to try to find someone out there who could do this for her. I’m doubtful as the town she is going to is very small. But my daughter will be home for holidays and we’ll continue with Mila as much as possible.

As for me, I am seeing the changes in my face and body. I’ve been able to lift a very flat butt and now can wear my jeans with confidence. My clothes are no longer tight and this is definitely working. I’m excited to see the end result and am so happy to have found Mila.”



Age 56 – Face Lift


“My sister came to visit me and I immediately noticed the difference in her. She explained she was doing Microcurrent and I had never heard of it so I looked it up and came to Mila’s website. My sister has had several different cosmetic treatments and yet I still noticed the difference with only 2 Microcurrent sessions. I immediately called Mila and talked to her at length. She spent a lot of time explaining it and talking to me about how I could do this even though I don’t live in California. She made sure to tell me it isn’t the ideal way to do this but I want to try it anyway. I’ll stay as long as I can and do as much as I can. I made my plane reservation and am coming out in September. 

She has so much lift around her jaw line...

I’m so excited. I cannot believe how great my sister looks and how Microcurrent has made her skin look normal again...very youthful and glowing. She has so much lift around her jaw line and has more volume and she looks years younger already. I’ll write more after my own sessions!”



Age 50 – Face Lift one session I saw incredible change

“I was visiting from another state and went to see Mila with my friend. I, unfortunately, couldn’t do the whole series because in one session I saw incredible change and after I went back home it lasted an entire week for me! I’m going to come back and spend the time to do the series with Mila.”



Age 35, ACTOR – Face Lift


“I was referred by a fellow actor to see MIla. I had a photoshoot the following day and I heard that one session could make the outcome of the shoot pretty incredible. I couldn’t believe it. I have lines on my forehead and after one session they were significantly diminished. The following day was the shoot and everyone around me asked me what I had done. The pictures were amazing and it was evident that this worked. I had to leave to shoot my show but when I returned I immediately made an appointment to see Mila and finish the series. 

I am incredibly pleased with my results and now my boyfriend is seeing her. I understand how this works because Mila is great about explaining everything. I realized that I shouldn’t obsess about the process and soon I had completed my building sessions. The result was fantastic. I can now just stave off aging as the issues I did have at age 35 are all gone now. 

...the issues I did have at age 35 are all gone now.

It’s important to understand that each session works on the previous session and that things change exponentially when your body gets the amount of current it needs to begin cellular change. Once that happens its thrilling. I love this and love that I feel so energized and calm all at the same time.”



Age 60 – Micro-Current Therapy’s like Mila can turn back the clock

"I am in my 60’s and since I’ve been a client of Mila Morgan no one can believe I’m remotely close to that age. I started with Mila 14 months ago when my oldest daughter gave me a gift certificate. I was particularly intrigued because I’ve become wary of fillers and invasive procedures (with bruising, downtime and inconsistent results). Microcurrent therapy is completely different. I cannot say enough good things about Mila’s professionalism, expertise, knowledge and what seems seriously like MAGIC. The results are astounding. Since I’ve become a client I’ve referred 7 clients (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s) and they’ve all become hooked. Mila’s procedures are unlike any I’ve tried before (and trust me, I’ve tried them all). Her Microcurrent Therapy is painless, and actually can reduce or eliminate aches and pains. I’ve used Microcurrent therapy on my face and body and honestly it’s like Mila can turn back the clock. Mila’s only requirement to make her procedures work is that clients drink a lot of water. Everything about Mila’s procedure feels NATURAL and HEALTHY. I tell everyone who asks to GO THERE!"




Age 26 – Acne


I’ve never been able to get this kind of result anywhere else. Mila is a magician! 

I heard about Mila Morgan from Chalkboard Magazine. I wanted a solution for my fairly severe acne and acne scarring, and it was important to me to seek out nontoxic treatments. I am so happy with how much my skin has changed! It is brighter, more resilient, and fresher. The acne has definitely decreased and the scarring has almost completely decreased over the course of the building phase! Any new breakouts I have heal very quickly, as we are pulling out all of the inflammation that is still “brewing” underneath the skin. With every session I know we are closer to correcting my acne woes. On top of that, my cheeks are more sculpted and I feel amazing every time I leave Mila’s studio! I’ve never been able to get this kind of result anywhere else. Mila is a magician! 



SUSAN S.                                                                                                       
Age 54 – Nonsurgical Face Lift & Migraines


She is a miracle worker – an artist.

As Mila knows, I am a skeptic. I researched and talked to her a lot before coming in. I am so grateful to Katey Denno that I found Mila. She is a miracle worker – an artist. Mila is a genius and I do not say this much to anyone! But I see the changes in my face and more importantly I realized after 6 weeks, I have not had one migraine since I started treatment with her.